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Richard Tuschman
Картины Эдварда Хоппера, по мотивам которых фото, не впечатлили вообще.
А в фотографиях нашла что-то завораживающее.

"Кукольные домики" с фото людей, фотомонтаж! Интересно получается.

"My images are created by digitally marrying dollhouse-size dioramas with live models. The sets I built, painted and photographed in my studio. A lot of the furniture is standard dollhouse furniture, but some I made myself. I then photographed the live models against a plain backdrop, and lastly, made the digital composites in Photoshop.

When I began the series, my plan was to base each work on a specific Hopper painting, and this is the case in the earlier works in the series. As the series progressed, though, I felt more freedom to create my own compositions that were inspired by Hopper's style and vision, but not based on specific paintings."

Он есть там
Tags: на память, так

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